This is Home for Foster Teens

Assisting foster teens transition successfully into adulthood and facilitating support for finding homes for teens in the foster system is our mission. In this, the policy arm of This is Home engages in public policy research around issues facing teens in foster care.

This is Home is based in Pima County, Arizona but in 2020, we will provide support services for teens in the foster nationwide via our virtual non-profit services. Our first program, connecting LGBTQ teens throwaways, particularly those who have been rejected by Evangelical parents, is launching in June of 2019. This population accounts for as much as 60% of the teen homeless population. We are currently working with agencies in the following regions in finding host homes:

Los Angeles county, Califorina

Chicago, Illinois

Arizona, statewide

Oregon, statewide

We are in the process of building our website to facilitate these services. For more infomration on becomming a host family or other information contact: info [at]